‣   Reduce landfill volumes

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Landfill vs Recycling

Preserving our world

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Urethane Foam


‣   Reduce consumption of raw materials

‣   Reduce energy usage

We believe and understand recycling is important to our environment. Filling our landfill with unnecessary trash is not the way to a better place. We recycle by breathing new life into the individual components of a mattress.

We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for our earth.  We recycle so we all can live in a better place. 

Our services

Our History

We have a total of 35 years experience in the recycling industry. We have found that used mattresses are a major concern at the landfills. That's why CJP Group, established in 2011 is striving to make a difference for today and future generations.   

    Poly Fiberfill

​​‣   Reduce air and water pollution

‣   Reduce the need for conventional waste

‣   Reduce carbon emissions

Mattress pick up

We offer door to door service. 

Trailer drop

For large volume generators, such as municipal yards or  bedding retailers, we offer trailer service. We place a trailer at your site once you fill it, just call and we swap it out.

Recycling  Philosophy