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Some retailers just toss used bedding into our already overflowing landfill, others sell them to "yellow tag" reprocessors, who just cover your old mattress and sell it for deeply discounted rates. Would you want one of those "REPROCESSED"mattresses?  Do what's right, do what's green, call CJP Group today to take your mattress worries away.

Each trailer loa​d of recycled mattresses is equivalent to 2 swimming pools of waste diverted form landfills

As you view our site you will learn about mattress recycling. There are many reasons as to why the landfill is not the place for mattresses. Our goal is to help the environment so we have a healthier place to live. This is not just for us, but for our children and future generations. 




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Upward of 5 million mattresses and box springs are landfilled annually, ​with each set taking up to 23 cubic feet of space.

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